10/4/2022 Soup to Nuts


Responding to Independent Educational Evaluations: An Administrators Guide 



Assessment: Assessment is the foundation of the IEP process. In order to meet the legal mandates of the IDEA, school districts must develop comprehensive and legally compliant assessments in all areas of suspected disability. This presentation will delineate the elements of appropriate assessments and analyze how courts and OAH have analyzed them in the context of a free, appropriate public education


Special Education Acronyms: OAH, IEP, OHI, OI...To some, it seems that public educators take an oath to make an acronym out of every possible word combination. How can parents provide informed consent when they don't understand acronym-speak? This presentation reminds us that, if we are not careful, acronyms can be intimidating and create distrust with our parent partners. A light-hearted video reminds us that we need to slow down and explain everything to parents with patience and sensitivity.

The Second Course

Special Education Discipline: Since 2003, special education discipline in California has undergone a metamorphosis as the Legislature balances the rights of disabled students with the necessity of maintaining safe schools. This presentation provides you with the necessary steps to navigate the discipline process while satisfying both interests.

Whetting the Appetite

FAPE in the 21st Century: In 1982, the U.S. Supreme Court defined FAPE as being reasonably calculated to provide some educational benefit. Now, 26 years later, courts and OAH grapple with arguments of whether that standard is obsolete, especially in light of NCLB, the increased focus on inclusion, and the requirement to adequately prepare students with a disability for life after public education. This presentation will analyze the development of the law so that audience members will be well prepared to meet their legal mandates going forward.


Managing the Difficult IEP: Public educators thrive in accommodation, not confrontation. “Soup to Nuts” provides audience members with tools to deal with difficult advocates, maintain composure in highly charged situations, and keep perspective on the positive, rewarding aspects of special education. While putting the negativity into context. and, yes, it is okay to smile and have fun!

Intended Audience: General Education Administrators & Special Education Staff

Presented by: Jan Tomsky

Date: Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Time: 9:00 - 2:00 p.m.

Location: Solano County Office of Education, Blue Rock Springs Room; 5100 Business Center Drive, Fairfield, CA 94534

Approvals: Approval of the Director of Special Education from each Solano County SELPA member LEA is required for attending.

Fee: No fee for Solano County SELPA Member Districts.

$200.00 fee for participants from outside of the Solano County SELPA, which must be paid in advance or by check at the training. 

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