Bay Area Collaborative

The Bay Area Collaborative group is comprised of member SELPA Directors, one nonpublic agency representative and one nonpublic school representative. The purpose of the Bay Area Collaborative is to develop an annual master contract and negotiate rates for the Preferred Nonpublic Schools and Agencies Providers of special education services.

Preferred Providers enjoy the benefit of:

  • Preferred selection for contract by Member SELPAs,
  • A consistent and clear master contract applied to all member SELPAs, and
  • Acknowledgement of your Preferred Provider status through listing on the Bay Area Collaborative website

Become a Member

Nonpublic School and Agencies interested in becoming a Preferred Provider of the Bay Area Collaborative may apply by completing and submitting an application (pdf). Submit the complete application with current CDE certification, rate sheet and insurance documents. Nonpublic Schools and Agencies may seek membership to the Bay area Collaborative at anytime!

SELPAs not currently a member of the Bay Area Collaborative may seek membership by submitting a written request prior to June 30 of the year prior to joining the collaborative.

Applications from Nonpublic Schools and Agencies and from SELPAs wishing to join the Bay Area Collaborative shall be submitted to:

Andrew Ownby, Chairperson, Bay Area Collaborative

5100 Business Center Drive, Fairfield, CA 94534