District Annual Performance Reports and CASEMIS Data

Special Education Annual Performance Reports

The Special Education Annual Performance Report Measures are a series of reports by the California Department of Education (CDE), Special Education Division (SED) to disseminate educational data and improve the quality of education for all students, with an emphasis on students with disabilities.

The reports are one measure of the performance on specified state indicators. Beginning in 2017-18, for any indicator areas where a district is not meeting the State targets, that district will develop a plan to improve the district's performance.

Performance Indicator Improvement Plans

Based upon the Annual Performance Reports, districts may need to develop an improvement plan to achieve the state targets. The California Department of Education - Special Education Division has provided a template for districts to use in developing their improvement plans. That template is available here in Google Docs with the most recent state performance targets for 2015-16 included.

Navigate to the document and make a copy to your Google Docs to edit it for your school district.

2016-17 Performance Indicator Improvement Plan Template (Google Doc)

The original template is available here:

2016-17 Performance Indicator Improvement Plan Template (Word Doc)


California Special Education Management Information System (CASEMIS) is a data reporting system in special education, developed by the California Department of Education (CDE), Special Education Division. The system has been designed to assist school districts and county offices of education in submit monitored student level data to the CDE.

Reports are submitted twice annually, on December 1st and June 30th.

  • The December 1st report contains data about each student receiving services on an IEP on that date, thus, each student in the state can only be counted once on the December 1st report.
  • The June 30th report contains data on student who have received services any time between July 1st and June 30th of that school year in each district. For this reason, students who change districts during a year will be reported in multiple districts.

CASEMIS reports can be generated by either "District of Service" or "District of Residence." The reports below are by District of Service.

December 1, 2018 CASEMIS Reports

June 30, 2018 CASEMIS Reports

December 1, 2017 CASEMIS Reports

June 30, 2017 CASEMIS Reports

December 1, 2016 CASEMIS Reports

June 30, 2016 CASEMIS Reports

December 1, 2015 CASEMIS Reports