Independent Child Advocate

The Solano County Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) Dispute Resolution Program makes available the services of an expert Independent Child Advocate to assist families.
Our Independent Child Advocate is Dr. Amber Busay, owner of AB Behavior and Consulting.  Dr. Busay is available, at no cost, to provide services and support regarding special education to families and schools.
The Independent Child Advocate (ICA) serves as a liaison for families utilizing a child-centered, family-focused, non-adversarial approach. Services the ICA may provide include, but are not limited to:
  • Parent consultations, before and after the IEP
  • Attendance at IEP meetings
  • Observation of your child
  • Review of your child’s records
  • Collaboration with school and district staff
  • Parent trainings and facilitation of communication between parent and district personnel
The ICA’s services are tailored to your needs to produce a productive and effective working relationship with the school. This service is available to students who attend schools in Benicia, Dixon, Fairfield-Suisun, Travis, and Vacaville school districts, including students served in those districts through the county office of education.
If at any time, a student with an IEP does not have a parent or guardian available to attend the IEP, the district can consider appointing the ICA to act as a surrogate parent for special education services in accordance with California Education Code.
The goal of the ICA program is to provide a neutral individual to assist families and improve collaboration and communication with the school to ensure that everyone works in the child’s best interest!
To make an appointment with Dr. Busay, please visit her website at
Dr. Amber Busay can be reached directly via call or text at 707-660-9926 or via email at