District and Staff Resources

Service Logs for Related Service Providers

This related service provider log is designed to account for both the frequency and duration services provided to students. This template has been created for the 2023-2024 school year and will be updated and posted annually.

Some providers maintain a separate attendance register for the related services they provide and prefer a log that is more for note taking (e.g., activities in the session and comments/data). This template is more appropriate for such notes.


Least Restrictive Environment

Having trouble figuring out the percentage of time a student spends in general education and special education? This easy to use LRE Calculator is designed for use at sites with multiple grades and instructional minutes. Instructions are on the first tab - check it out!

FAPE Analysis - Goal Tracking

Take the time to review your student's IEPs over the course of several years. Use this tracking form to see how well you are planning for students over time.

Independent Educational Evaluations

The Solano County SELPA Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE) policy provides the criteria, including cost containment or cost limits, for IEEs.

Annually, the Solano County SELPA surveys IEE providers to develop and update a non-exhaustive list of potential IEE providers who indicate they met agency criteria.

Are you or your agency interested in being considered for inclusion on the Possible IEE provider list? Please complete the following survey. Your information will be sent to the SELPA for review and consideration. 

Send questions to info@SolanoCountySELPA.net

Instructional Minute Calculators

As a helpful resource to our NPS partners, we are providing this template for calculating Instructional Minutes. This is an area that is reviewed by CDE and this template will assist in demonstrating that the overall school meets the state's required instructional minutes.

Special thanks to our colleagues in the Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District's Business Department for sharing these templates!